Barragan Puntas

Pieza rectangular hecha de rebozo tejido en telar de pedal y teñido a mano. Tiene mangas rectangulares que permiten usar la pieza de diferentes maneras, como saco, chaleco e incluso como poncho.

  • Color: Azul Indigo, Gris, Morado, Negro, Rosa
  • Material: 100% Algodón
  • Técnica: Rebozos de Telar de Pedal y Jaspe
  • Talla: Unitalla


$370.00 USD


The rebozo is one of the most characteristic garments in Mexico used by men and women for loading and transporting goods, each piece is made in a month and a half, as long as it does not rain and the humidity delays some of the processes.

The dyeing technique used in Tenancingo is called jasper or ikat, which consists of creating knots along the weft threads to create thousands of designs by isolating the color during the dyeing process; later, the canvases are woven on a pedal loom.

Colors, Textures & Pre-Order

Our products are made in creative and productive collaboration with Mexican artisans. Their elaboration involves manual processes that generate variations in colors and textures. It is important to note that the actual color of the garment may vary from the color shown on the screen.

For products or variants that are available only on request (pre-order) we ask that 3 to 4 weeks of production be considered, in addition to the shipping time.