Pantalones Cygnus

Pantalón con tiro bajo, pretina ancha con resorte en parte trasera, tiras extra largas para ajustar en la cintura, cierre invisible en costado izquierdo, bolsillos escondidos en costados.

  • Color: Negro
  • Material: 11% Viscosa, 85% Poliéster, 4% Otros


$370.00 USD

Colors, Textures & Pre-Order

Our products are made in creative and productive collaboration with Mexican artisans. Their elaboration involves manual processes that generate variations in colors and textures. It is important to note that the actual color of the garment may vary from the color shown on the screen.

For products or variants that are available only on request (pre-order) we ask that 3 to 4 weeks of production be considered, in addition to the shipping time.