Jaguar Mirror Mask

This type of mask is often used during the folklor dance "La Danza de los Tecuanes", one of the most popular festivities of the Nahua culture in Guerrero. The dance tells the story of a wilde jaguar that eats people and kills domestic animals with a whip. While doctors treat the injured and vultures wait impatiently, some hunters chase the jaguar and eventually take it away.

This dance actually simbolizes the struggle between human beings and nature while trying to protect the crops. This dance is performed to drive away harm and attract rainfalls for the harvests.

  • Color: Beige, Black
  • Material: 100% Leather
  • Artisan: Santos Nájera
  • Community: San Francisco Ozomatlán, Guerrero
  • Use: Decorative
  • Technique: Sculpted Leather
  • Height: The base is 25 cm long by 25 cm wide. The height is 34 cm and the upper length is 40 cm.
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Tradition in which leather and acrylic paint are used to form handmade masks that are part of "the dance of the Tecuanes", which is one of the most popular dances of the Nahua culture of Guerrero.

It actually symbolizes the combat between human beings and the forces of nature in search of crop protection.The festival takes place on May 3 in the feast of the Holy Cross, which consists of bringing an offering to the top of the Tepehuizco hill, and then marching in procession to the town's church, all accompanied by music and dance.

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