Fashion is not Ephemeral

Death to planned obsolescence, which renders expendable all it draws into its abyss of waste.

The best design is not that which disintegrates, but that which remains. We want our clothes to be so lasting that their whisper will be heard by other generations. Fashion is not ephemeral: Neither is our planet, Nor our relationships.

Our relationships with the communities with whom we collaborate are abiding and fond.

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$299.00 USD
Elegant, geometric blouse with a "T" neck and loose rectangular shoulders. Its sleeves are attached with two stylish...
Wide-leg, rectangular jumper designed with two front pockets, two back pockets and a zipper on one side. It...
$289.00 USD
Long, stylish round-rise trousers. It is deisgned with belt loops at waist level to adjust for better comfort....
$369.00 USD
Wide, cotton poncho made up of rectangles in different proportions. It is designed with two wide pockets on...
$349.00 USD
Long, linen robe without sleeves. It includes a pair of straps to adjust for better comfort at waist...
$399.00 USD
Long, silk robe without sleeves. It is designed with a pair of pockets on the sides and shoulder...
$399.00 USD
Bicolor, linen and cotton tunic with geometric prints. It is composed of four squares and two wide pockets...
$389.00 USD
Stylish, long trousers designed with a double front, it also has two wide pockets on the front, two...
$569.00 USD
Wide Poncho with two pockets on the front. The shoulders are designed with motifs made with the traditional...
$489.00 USD
Geometric top with rectangular sleeves and round neckline. It is designed with a triangular flap on the front...
Buclé Cartonero CoatBuclé Cartonero Coat
$709.00 USD$568.00 USD
Geometric coat with special stitches on the collar. It has long sleeves with wide cuffs that can be...
Printed Judas CoatPrinted Judas Coat
$509.00 USD$357.00 USD
Printed coat with long sleeves, wide cuffs and geometrical front pockets. It has a rectangular collar resembling a...
$299.00 USD $299.00 USD
$609.00 USD $609.00 USD
$289.00 USD $289.00 USD
$369.00 USD $369.00 USD
$349.00 USD $349.00 USD
$399.00 USD $399.00 USD
$399.00 USD $399.00 USD
$389.00 USD $389.00 USD
$569.00 USD $569.00 USD
$489.00 USD $489.00 USD
$709.00 USD $568.00 USD
$509.00 USD $357.00 USD