All personal and financial data requested on this site are treated by Comercializadora de Diseño Flora SAPI de CV (Carla Fernandez® ) (hereinafter ”Carla Fernandez®”) , for the following purposes:

  • Tofollow up on payments made on our website;
  • Tocreate and send invoices if required;
  • Tocontact you in case of any situation that requieres the attention of Customer Service;
  • Tosend product to you ;
  • Toaddress your complaints, suggestions and/or questions
  • Toprovide a customer service

We can also treat your personal data with the secondary purposes that are listed below.

  • Toanalyze your spending habits and preferences in order to offer products that are adapted to them;
  • Tosend promotiononal information, coupons and advertising on our products and the products of those companies with whom we have acorporate relationship;
  • Todevelop marketing studies , market segmentation and statistics;
  • Toinvite you to participate in our contests or sweepstakes and social media activities.

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In the event of a security breach in regards to your personal data, Carla Fernandez® will make it of general knowledge.

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