Square Root

In the Western tailoring system, encoded in cuts and curves, what predominates is the silhouette of the person wearing the clothes, rather than their fabric or history.

But Mexican indigenous clothing results from the joining together of square and rectangular panels. It’s a unique textile origami that uses these two figures as the base from which to construct any other form using folds, pleats and stitching.

This system of patterning interests us for both its vernacular significance, which we consider the path to the future, and for its constructive and architectural quality.

The geometric clothes worn by indigenous women can be read like open books that tell the life stories of the weavers who made them. If a page were cut out, or divided with seams, it would be impossible to read the entire narrative.

We gave this system the name “la raíz cuadrada,” the square root, because we work with the roots of Mexico and this way of patterning as tools of design.

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Stylish linen Poncho with square neckline and sleeves. It is designed with a a belt to adjust at...
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Long, Stylish viscose skirt with long straps to adjust at waist level, they also can be tied feely...
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Wide-leg, rectangular jumper designed with two front pockets, two back pockets and a zipper on one side. It...
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Stylish, long trousers 100% polyester. Designed with a double front, it also has two wide pockets on the...
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Stylish, wide trousers with elastic waistband. It is designed with two straps at waist level to adjust for...
$649.00 USD
Wide, geometric poncho designed with a V-type neckline. It has two stylish pockets on the front and double...
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Geometric, linen poncho with a v-type nekcline. It is designed with a stylish, loose hoodie on the back...
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Elegant shorts with print motifs and two side pockets. It is designed with a pair of straps to...
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Elegant, High-rise shorts with two pockets on the sides. It is designed with two long, stylish straps to...
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Rectangular piece with hand-embroidered "T" neckline, pair of rectangular sleeves with pleated cuffs, hand-embroidered snake on the front....
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Bicolor tunic with short, rectangular sleeves and a round neckline. It is designed with a diagonal cut on...
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Wide tunic with printed motifs and a straight neckline. It is designed with short, rectangular sleeves and stylish...
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