Fashion is not Ephemeral

Death to planned obsolescence, which renders expendable all it draws into its abyss of waste.

The best design is not that which disintegrates, but that which remains. We want our clothes to be so lasting that their whisper will be heard by other generations. Fashion is not ephemeral: Neither is our planet, Nor our relationships.

Our relationships with the communities with whom we collaborate are abiding and fond.

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$399.00 USD
Wide poncho, with asymmetric fall. The left side is closed, while the right side is open, which generates...
$619.00 USD
Geometric poncho designed with side openings to adjust at wrist level. It also has beautiful fretwork details on...
$509.00 USD
Geometric poncho with front openings for cuffs, pair of front pockets. Colors: Grey Material: 90% Wool, 10% Polyester....
$529.00 USD
Straight jacket with long-sleeves, rectangular lapels and square pockets. At the front, the garment is adorned with metal...
$529.00 USD
Long dress made of linen and viscose with a drop bow neckline and short sleeves. At the front...
$349.00 USD
Loose dress with a rounded slit neckline and long sleeves with gathered cuffs. The skirts are gathered at...
Long, loose-fitting coat embellished with a beautiful charro leather fretwork design around the pockets. The garment has a...
$369.00 USD
Wide dress with long free fall. On the shoulders you can see elegantly designed skulls made of charro...
$349.00 USD
Beautiful short dress with wide long sleeves. On the sides you can see two circles that connect the...
$449.00 USD
Long straight dress with exquisite design on the shoulders and neck. The back is made up of a...
$729.00 USD
Tunic made of a rectangle for the body, a pair of geometric sleeves with straps and belt loops...
$569.00 USD
Long rectangular tunic with a geometric bandana-type neck. Hand-embroidered detail on the front. Colors: Blue. Material: 75% Linen, 25%...
$399.00 USD $399.00 USD
$619.00 USD $619.00 USD
$509.00 USD $509.00 USD
$529.00 USD $529.00 USD
$529.00 USD $529.00 USD
$349.00 USD $349.00 USD
$569.00 USD $569.00 USD
$369.00 USD $369.00 USD
$349.00 USD $349.00 USD
$449.00 USD $449.00 USD
$729.00 USD $729.00 USD
$569.00 USD $569.00 USD