Fashion is not Ephemeral

Death to planned obsolescence, which renders expendable all it draws into its abyss of waste.

The best design is not that which disintegrates, but that which remains. We want our clothes to be so lasting that their whisper will be heard by other generations. Fashion is not ephemeral: Neither is our planet, Nor our relationships.

Our relationships with the communities with whom we collaborate are abiding and fond.

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$239.00 USD
Elegant shorts with print motifs and two side pockets. It is designed with a pair of straps to...
$499.00 USD
Elegant, High-rise shorts with two pockets on the sides. It is designed with two long, stylish straps to...
$419.00 USD
Rectangular piece with hand-embroidered "T" neckline, pair of rectangular sleeves with pleated cuffs, hand-embroidered snake on the front....
$259.00 USD
Bicolor tunic with short, rectangular sleeves and a round neckline. It is designed with a diagonal cut on...
$319.00 USD
Wide tunic with printed motifs and a straight neckline. It is designed with short, rectangular sleeves and stylish...
$349.00 USD
Elegant, long tunic with printed motifs around the shoulders and sleeves. It is designed with one sleeve longer...
$269.00 USD
Long, triangular trousers with an elastic waistband on the back, it is designed with long pieces of fabric...
$239.00 USD $239.00 USD
$499.00 USD $499.00 USD
$419.00 USD $419.00 USD
$259.00 USD $259.00 USD
$319.00 USD $319.00 USD
$349.00 USD $349.00 USD
$269.00 USD $269.00 USD