Southwest / Luv Seat

Southwest / Luv Seat Project

Southwest Airlines started Evolve, a program to redesign the interiors of its planes, since 2013. Global sustainability is a fundamental part of this initiative, for which reason they decided to replace the leather that previously covered their seats and donate it to be repurposed, reducing greatly the quantity of waste sent to land- fills and simultaneously creating new work opportunities.

In collaboration with Southwest Airlines and with the participation of artisans from seven communities in Mexico, Carla Fernández created the accessory line for LUV Seat: Mexico, which includes shoes, bags and even ponchos and keychains. “To work together with the Southwest team on this project, which seeks to promote social and economic change, has been a terrific experience for us,” said Carla Fernández, “After so many years of being in touch and working on these excel- lent products, we feel that we have found a great partner and friend. We are sure that
LUV Seat: México will be a huge success and will set the ground- work for similar proposals in the future,” added Fernández.