Textile & Materials Exploration Workshop

Taught by Isaías Salgado (CDMX), Juana López (San Juan Chamula), Carla Fernández and Itzel León (CDMX)

Traditional indigenous clothing is made from squares and rectangles. Using folds, pleats and seams that can transform into any other geometric figure. Carla Fernández calls this endemic method "Square Root", because she uses the roots of Mexico and the characteristic square of these garments.

Carla Fernández's team travels around Mexico, visiting artisans' communities that specialize in handmade textiles and indigenous, ancient techniques. This intensive approach to the communities aims to support this traditional techniques and the people who collaborate with them.

During this workshop, participants will explore basic concepts of design and identify materials and techniques used within the industry and the craft sector. In addition,  they will be able to learn the Tzotzil embroidery techniques and the application of pompoms or lettering on a cotton poncho.

Running Time: 4 hours
Includes: materials

Colors, Textures & Pre-Order

Our products are made in creative and productive collaboration with Mexican artisans. Their elaboration involves manual processes that generate variations in colors and textures. It is important to note that the actual color of the garment may vary from the color shown on the screen.

For products or variants that are available only on request (pre-order) we ask that 3 to 4 weeks of production be considered, in addition to the shipping time.